Weddings & Anniversaries

Everlasting Memories

Celebration of two souls are committing to each other or renewing their vows is one of the most important event in anyone’s life. This joyful union brings together friend and family and details of the event are talked about over the years. Memento Amare works with the couple and their families to make this event memorable.

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Social Events

Unforgettable memories

From naming ceremony to birthdays, sweet 16s and  graduation, we know how your child's special days are to you. We are here to turn these events to cherished memories for you and your child. Memento Amare works with families to organize extraordinary and unique Sweet 16, Birthday and graduation parties and more to make your child feel special.

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Corporate Events

Striving for success

Whether planning a product launch, conference, holiday party or fashion show, Memento Amare enables the clients to fully engage with their audiences through the creation, design and production of memorable live events. Our goal is to achieve greatest impact through best possible services.

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